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I’m talking about the men who will do whatever it takes to get lucky with queens like me—despite the fact that we queens are no more than grease-paint illusions. In my experience, there’s at least one at every show.

“I’m doing good for a straight guy in a gay bar, huh? “Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve always had a secret thing for, you know, girls like you,” Mikey said.

Fascinated by this strange new specimen, a poor and clumsy commoner, they force Haruhi to work for them until the debt is repaid; but they get a lot more than they bargained for...

Tsukimi is an otaku and jellyfish enthusiast whose only means of coping with the world is to reject it: she and her friends live in a house they declare a man-free zone, generally avoid 'stylish people', and spend their days blissfully bonding over geeky rituals.

A few weeks ago, I had an encounter that perfectly illustrates the uneasy symbiosis between queens and Chasers.

I was on the subway to my Friday gig, dressed in a skimpy gold lame cocktail dress, when a stranger approached to say “Hey, I’m straight but I really admire you for just being yourself.” I knew this guy’s game right away, but he had a Firefighter Calendar torso, and having a body guard while traveling in drag is never a bad idea, so I decided to play along.

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    But if you follow her over on her social medias, you shall be able to see Erin posting photos of her with co-star, Daniel Lissing who is an Aussie actor and stars along with Krakow in the series, "When Calls The Heart." Krakow has also posted a short Instagram video of Daniel and her singing along and enjoying a good time together. Can't wait to start shooting season 4 of @whencallstheheartt for @hallmarkchannel with @erinkrakow and @loriloughlin .. #hearties #season4 A post shared by Daniel Lissing (@daniellissing) on It is understandable for co-stars to share a lot of respect for each other and get close to one another.