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Headlining across the globe and selling out shows on the international stage, he has fast become one of the most in-demand names in the business the fans love to see.

Stay tuned for new music by the DJ and follow his twitter account here.

' Cupid' An Original UK Comedy WEB SERIES - Episode #101 Feeling ready to be with someone else after a failed relationship, modern man and bachelor, Ben Hunt (Michael James Dean) takes the first step back into the dating game and seeks love online at a matchmaking website; a helping hand reaches out from a surprising place.

American DJ and music Producer Chris Comstock known on the electronic music scene as Dotcom has long been a name that installs the hype among fans.

Bryce, a single stockbroker, is one of the most sincere Christians we know.

He's devoted in his faith and eager to find a woman who shares his heartfelt values.

Hot on the heels of recent action taken by Tumblr to combat spammers, Tumblr users are currently a little bit annoyed by a curious spamrun called “The Twitter IQ Society”.

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Are you put off by the potential stigma of online dating?

My biggest regret is that my husband and I deferred enjoyment until the kids grew up and before that happened he died.

We should have reached out for opportunities to have fun and had more of a social life.

"I mean, if I sign up for a dating site and pay a company to help me find my future wife, doesn't it mean I'm not trusting God to do that for me?

" "That's a good question, Bryce," his pastor responds.

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