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The only things that cost money to post on the site are job ads in some cities ( to ), apartment listings by brokers in New York (), and—in a special case born of recent legal trouble—advertisements in categories commonly used by prostitutes, because authorities encourage vendors to maintain a record that would aid investigators. They won't let you join them, and at this price you can't beat them either.At times it has occurred to people that the problems with craigslist could be solved by appealing to its eponym, Craig Newmark. His company is being sued by e Bay, a competitor and minority shareholder angry at being excluded from the company's deliberations.Subject to a highly unpredictable filtering system that produces daily outrage among people whose help-wanted ads have been removed without explanation, this site not only beats its competitors—Monster, Career Builder, Yahoo's Hot Jobs—but garners more traffic than all of them combined. But if you really want to see a mess, go visit the nation's greatest apartment-hunting site, the first likely choice of anybody searching for a rental or a roommate. With more than 47 million unique users every month in the US alone—nearly a fifth of the nation's adult population—it is the most important community site going and yet the most underdeveloped.On this site, contrary to every principle of usability and common sense, you can't easily browse pictures of the apartments for rent. Think of any Web feature that has become popular in the past 10 years: Chances are craigslist has considered it and rejected it.It was my first alcoholic drink, ever, and I made a mental note to pace myself, not to get drunk.And somehow, even though she was the last person I wanted to think about, my mother’s voice came floating into my head: “You’re not here to drink and have fun. You’ve got to get your GPA up so that you can get a good job…” I grew up listening to the familiar refrain about so-and-so’s kid, the doctor, or so-and-so’s kid, the one who works for Goldman Sachs.She was my lifeline, and I felt that I needed to keep up our friendship.

But I did online dating via Craigslist for probably six years and went on maybe a couple hundred dates. If you want more than a hook-up, don't post under that section (duh). I do have a friend in a long-term relationship where they initially met as a casual encounter. My problem was too many responses, either generic or horribly lonely. So I was found a differentiator to screen as many people as possible out. My sense of who people were from a brief text-only response was very good.When I was answering an ad, I figured I should meet his terms, so I would send one if asked.But I absolutely refused to post or send one if it was my own ad. You can live through one coffee with an "ugly" girl, if that's who I turn out to be. It ends, and you haven't wasted your whole day thinking about it. Go to brunch, it's a million times better than dinner or drinks.Craigslist brings you yet another possibility to search Craigslist. You will find us very easy to use, and we allow to search the entire Craigslist database without having to search in all different cities.Samples Content Category Posting Community Q&A Craigslist can be a wild ride.

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