Intimidating a public servant

Zimbabwe has a hybrid, or plural, legal system in the sense that the law currently in force was adopted from foreign jurisdictions and imposed into the country by settlers during the colonial era.

Zimbabwe’s law after several years of independence still exposes residual traits of the process of transplantation of historical disempowerment ands colonial takeover.

Many wives, daughters and even young sons were seduced by blacks.

Some willingly, some reluctantly and of course there was those who were forced ... It's a sad commentary on mankind but it is universal ... But, since I had first hand information on these human invasions in several African countries ...

He has been a fellow with the Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (Gambia) He has also won the international Reebok Human Rights Award on the 6th of June 2006. Currently he is a student intern with Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

He has held the positions of Secretary for Legal and Academic affairs at the University of Zimbabwe and is a Commissioner with the Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice.

During my tenure of working in the oil/ gas exploration in Africa, I came to know many families that became absorbed in African culture ... During the 1970's and 80's many African countries began to find fortunes under their ground and my company, British Petroleum, led the way in explorations.

I've written a number of times about Black African lust on white families.

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She could have gone to college in England but she wanted to be with her father.One of the keys to a detailed understanding of Revelation is a comprehension of the symbolism employed.Whilst the differing schools of interpretation would argue as to the extent of symbolic language within the book there can be little doubt that portions of Revelation are symbolic.The Shona people occupied the northern part of the country known as Mashonaland, while the Ndebele people occupied the southern part known as Matebeleland.Lobengula, a Ndebele chief, was the most powerful chief at the time of British occupation.

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