Not take dating too seriously

Although many of the comments were overwhelmingly positive (as proven by the like/dislike ratio on the You Tube video), I also noticed that some of the most popular comments were the angry ones, which said something like the following: “I would NEVER message a guy back after he did any of these to me. It’s not that I believe the reaction is somehow wrong, but something about the aggressive, affronted, tone in the comments makes me wonder if there’s a little too much being taken personally here.

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Men whose smell of hair product is only masked by a thick layer of cologne and a Gucci wardrobe are nice to look at, but are they any fun on a camping trip?Maybe his excuse will be crappy and you’ll decide he’s not worth it.Maybe he won’t even make an excuse at all and you’ll realise he doesn’t care much about how he behaves (or doesn’t even realise there’s anything wrong with not getting back for so long). But we can lose a lot in life by letting pride continually get the better of us.Once upon a time I associated everything I did with something or someone successful.If I failed at achieving equal results I would beat myself up with worry.

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