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I'm using File Zilla FTP Client while editing my website but seems like it's not updating on the server.I tried many times editing and replacing the old files, then visiting my website but nothing changed.I have a website hosted by just host and created and uploaded via FTP and dreamweaver cs4.I uploaded my pages and they were initally fine, but after updating my pages and publishing via ftp, the updated files were not displayed.i've tried deleting everything associated to the program (application support, the app, xml files, etc) and restarting, clearing trash, resetting pram...

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In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you will learn how to update a website with an FTP client (v† la File Zilla). Find your server IP address from your web host, which will be found in the hosting control center. Open your filezilla client and put in the IP address of your web host and your username and password for your hosting account. This will connect you to the root directory of your server.I have uploaded the file on server with filezilla and also with cpanel. If you see the new file listed in Filezilla then it's a cache issue. It sounds like maybe the old one wasn't overwritten - in which case you'll have to do that for the changes to take effect. Some of them have Cache features where it may take time for those changes to be reflected unless you hard refresh. Some day you will have enough reputation to comment, and that will be great, but for now refrain from posting such answers which are not really answers: you are asking op about clarifications.But when i browse the website the css has no impact. you are using apache2 this is amazing, use the "-i" option, the reason the files dont update is because they are cached, if you cant do this you can always change the href="styles.css" into href="styles.css?When i upload via FTP in dreamweaver the files appear in control panel as you would expect, but they are always the original files and not the updated ones. I'm at a loss as i really don't understand what the problem is, been a couple of days now and i have tried support, but they haven't responded yet.I'm definately saving them properly, even tried renaming to test they were going to the host server. Just wondered i anyone out there has had the same problem or could shed some light on the matter.

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