Who is cinnamontoastken dating

As of July 2017, he has over 16 million subscribers and 7.5 billion video views, which makes him one of the most popular You Tubers of all Jack refers to himself as the last remaining Bossatronio from the planet Bossatron (Spore).

He is friends with muyskerm, Pew Die Pie, Lord Minion777, Markiplier, Chaotic Monki, Cinnamon Toast Ken, and many others.

His brother Kevin also has his own You Tube channel called Public Nintendo Collector.

Please keep an eye on the bottom of the screen as each new version number has a new challenge added in. The occasional one will need extra work to hunt down.

Kjellberg became the Most Subscribed You Tube Channel of all Time on August 15, 2013 after surpassing Smosh.

He eventually dropped to #2 after the You Tube Spotlight passed him on November 2, 2013.

This is mainly a whole hour or more of them talking about random topics.

The podcast also features a special guest who will be joining them, such as Cryaotic (Podcast #3), The RPGMinx (Podcast #5), Yogcast Strippin (Podcast #6), Markiplier (Podcast #7), Jacksepticeye (Podcast #8), and Yogcast Martin (Podcast #9).

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